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You can browse a selection of available work by Interact artists below. We welcome your comments and inquiries at We are a studio of 72 visual artists and 34 performing artists. To learn more about our performing arts cast, please visit our main website.
Garrett Anderson
Sarah Armstrong
Katie Bretzman
Katie Brinkman
Mary Burdick
Kaia Burg
Carl Clark
Robert G. Collier
Bill Crane
Koko Dehn
Vance Diamond
Ian Dischinger
Michael Engebretson
Janice Essick
Devra Goldstein
Jesse Ferdinand
Peder Hagen
Ingrid Hansen
Mike Harris Jr.
Kramer Hegenbarth
Oliver J.
Sidney James
Wendy Johnson
Teazu Juah
Ashlea Karkula
Andie Kiley
Cyrus M.
Laurie M.
Christopher Mason
Juan Mendez
Daniel Metchnek
Evita Newman
Carol O'Connor
Kandis O.
Rosemary Perronteau
Lucy Picasso
Philip Price
Jill Reedy
John Riddle
Thomas Robinson
Gary Rorby
Andrew Seymour
Briana S. "A."
Eric Sherarts
Scott Sorensen
Bonnie Thorne
Timothy Traver
Victor Van
Loni Joy Watts
Alicia Wiese
Devin Wildes
David Wright
Matt Zimdars