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Here are some frequently asked questions about our visual arts studio:

Where are you located?

Is your gallery open to the public?

Do you have free parking available?

If I purchase an artwork, how are the proceeds used?

I'd like Interact to have a show at my gallery/business/organization. How can I facilitate this?

What kind of classes do you offer? Can I just sign up for a class?

Who made the artwork featured here?

What ages can attend Interact?

Who is on your visual arts staff? How can I find out about opportunities?

Can I just stop in and do art?

I'm an artist. Can I show/sell my work at Interact?

I'm a teaching-artist. How can I get involved?

Where can I see the work of Interact artists exhibited?

How is the work priced?

How do you decide what artists will make?

Have a question we haven't answered?

Here are some frequently asked questions about disability:

What terms do we use in our community?

What is ableism?

What are some contemporary issues and resources that may be relevant to the greater disability community?