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Caleb Nesbitt, "Minnetonka Railroad Depot"

Caleb Nesbitt, "Minnetonka Railroad Depot"

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Caleb Nesbitt

Minnetonka Railroad Depot, 2022

acrylic on paper

26 x 19 inches


Image description: This is an acrylic painting of the "Minnetonka Railroad Depot". In the background "Lake Minnetonka" is painted in black on light blue water with three large boats floating by. In the foreground is green grass, a row of flowers, and train tracks. The red and black locomotive has a face and black smoke coming out of the top, a conductor in a blue uniform stands to operate the train. On top of the second train car there is a white bird with a big orange beak and stitches on its head. The third train car is carrying a blue automobile.