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Studio On Fire x Interact

Studio On Fire has published a limited edition letterpress print by artist and disability advocate Michael Engebretson, just in time for his first solo exhibition.

Michael Engebretson's first solo exhibition, Transdimensional Multiversal Nonlinear Cosmic Traveler, opens at Interact Gallery on March 1, 2023. Coinciding with the show, we're excited to announce a new collaboration with Studio On Fire, a best in class impression-based printing, luxury consumer packaging, and design studio based in St. Paul. In addition to a robust commercial program, Studio On Fire produces fine art impression-based prints for artists, designers, and musicians across the U.S.

Studio On Fire is teaming up with Michael Engebretson to release a new limited edition letterpress print. Titled Class 5 Hyper Industrial Duty Distillation Station, the two-color edition will be released at the opening reception of Engebretson's exhibition. It is part of a larger body of work that Engebretson has been developing for over 15 years. His expansive drawings, paintings, and ceramics describe a futuristic, extraterrestrial utopia that he refers to as a "Class 5 civilization." Neurodiversity, sustainability, and equitable healthcare are celebrated in this hyper-detailed, graphic work.

"The cosmic Class 5 industrial duty armored multipurpose distillation station helps build spaceship components and spaceship systems and all sorts of spaceships in a Class 5 civilization," says Engebretson. "It's fueled by plasma ion fusion and fission reactors, and also by renewable fuels of the far distant future of future generations yet to come. Sustainability is critically important to everybody in a Class 5 civilization."

We extend our deep gratitude to Studio On Fire for inviting us to collaborate. Thanks to their generosity of time, materials, and expertise, all proceeds from print sales will go directly to Michael and Interact. Find the print release and exhibition details below.

You can purchase a print here.



Transdimensional Multiversal Nonlinear Cosmic Traveler | Solo exhibition by Michael Engebretson

Opening reception & Print release | Wednesday, March 1, 5 - 8 p.m. Free and open to the public. Remarks and artist reading at 6 p.m.

When | March 1 — April 14, 2023

Where | Interact Gallery, 755 Prior Avenue N., St. Paul, MN 55104

View online | At beginning March 1.

Visit in person | Make an appointment at or send us an email at

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Image description (top): Image courtesy of Studio On Fire. Studio On Fire Press Operator Elyssa McCrae (left) runs a print from Engebretson's edition on the letterpress. Engebretson stands beside her (right).

Image descriptions (slider): (1) Michael Engebretson draws the key image for the print during his residency at Interact Gallery. He wears a grey sweatshirt that reads "Star Wars." (2) McCrae and Engebretson run a print through the press at Studio On Fire. (3) A photo of the polymer plate used to make the print shows raised and inked sections. (4) Engebretson holds the finished print at the Interact studio. (5) Proof courtesy of Studio On Fire. Engebretson's limited edition letterpress print, titled Class 5 Hyper Industrial Duty Distillation Station. A series of black geometric shapes form the outline of a spaceship. Yellow-green marks are added in a second layer, detailing different sectors of the ship.