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"Transdimensional Multiversal Nonlinear Cosmic Traveler" | Michael Engebretson at Interact Gallery

Opens March 1, 2023

Interact is pleased to present Transdimensional Multiversal Nonlinear Cosmic Traveler, a solo exhibition by Michael Engebretson.

Engebretson’s expansive drawings, paintings, and ceramics describe a futuristic, extraterrestrial utopia. Neurodiversity, sustainability, and equitable healthcare are celebrated in an intergalactic civilization that he catalogs in hyper-detailed, graphic, technicolor works.

Transdimensional Multiversal Nonlinear Cosmic Traveler is an opportunity to have everybody in the community see what it’s like to be me,” says Engebretson. “I want the public to see what it’s like for somebody to have Autism like me and see what it’s like to be able to travel to higher dimensions. My work is about what I call a Class Five civilization. Class Five inhabitants are transdimensional, multiversal, nonlinear space-time continuum thinkers. They are more free-thinking than we are. They are open minded to any possibility, any idea, any conversation, any scenario. They have better health care and economics and special support systems that can help them out. They can help human/alien hybrids and cyborgs and robots with disabilities with specialized psychological and biological care that is designed for them.”

Engebretson transforms Interact Gallery into a metaphorical spaceship, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in his visionary landscape. Kaleidoscopic drawings and paintings outline thorough plans for spaceship construction yards, hyper giant space super stations, escape pods, asteroid bases, and the like. The space vessels that he draws and the ideology they represent are the vehicles of a more equitable time and place. Engebretson offers these images not as speculative fiction, but kismet. He works ardently and without hesitation, transcribing a singular future.

Coinciding with the exhibition, we're excited to announce a new collaboration with Studio On Fire, a best in class impression-based printing, luxury consumer packaging, and design studio based in St. Paul. Studio On Fire has published a limited edition letterpress print that will be released at the opening reception on March 1. 



When | March 1 — April 14, 2023

Where | Interact Gallery, 755 Prior Avenue N., St. Paul, MN 55104

Opening reception & Print release | Wednesday, March 1, 5 - 8 p.m. Free and open to the public. Remarks and artist reading at 6 p.m.

View online | At beginning March 1.

Visit in person | Make an appointment at or send us an email at


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At this time, we ask that all visitors please wear a mask while in the Gallery. Learn more at


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Image description: Michael Engebretson, Cosmic Hypergiant Super Dreadnought Transport Carrier Variants, 2022, mixed media on paper, 26 x 19 inches. A multitude of geometric shapes are drawn within two larger geometric, trapezoidal shapes. Patches of maroon, lime green, sky blue, and pink are painted throughout.