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"JAQ Purple 7" | Interact at Textile Center


Textile Center and Interact are pleased to present J A Q Purple 7, a selection of work by five fiber artists from the Interact studio. Curated by Emmanuelle Quinn, who has practiced at Interact since 2017, J A Q Purple 7 explores inventive approaches to fiber arts. 

"In selecting this work, I wanted to showcase how the fiber artists at Interact question why things are done a certain way," writes Quinn. "If you are going to knit a cape, the process is to think about the function, and to design from that point forward. The artists featured here are working from "what if." What if I combine hard and soft? What if I render a human figure with a color explosion? What if I layer needle felting over a loom weaving? Devra Goldstein, HML, Kandis O., BDG Wolfe, and Ona Williams challenge artistic order in their work. There's a kind of questioning that comes from not learning in a traditional way. If the traditional way is A, B, C, D, then the Interact way is J, A, Q, puple, 7. It's a kind of deconstruction, where a large motivating factor is what inspires the artist."


Exhibition details

J A Q Purple 7

February 17 - April 18, 2023

Reception | Tuesday, February 21, 5 - 7 p.m.

Textile Center | 3000 University Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Accessibility | Textile Center is free and open to the public. Located in the Prospect Park neighborhood, it includes wheelchair accessible spots in its lot. Learn more at



Image: Kandis O., A, 2022, mixed fiber, 18 x 18 x 6 inches.

Image descriptionA stuffed soft sculpture in the shape of a hand. The thumb is sticking up, and the four other fingers are folded down. A patch in the shape of an "A" is sewn on the front. Green ruffled fabric is attached at the bottom.