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Peder Hagen, "King of Wands"

Peder Hagen, "King of Wands"

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Peder Hagen

King of Wands,  2022

pen on paper

8 x 10 inches

I'm really into Bulgaria and the Byzantine culture which was an empire located in areas near the Black Sea. I wanted to use a King, but I wanted the symbols to be more Byzantine, with rich colors from that - the purples and reds in their fabrics, and the pearls. I have a crown, a throne and a scepter like the traditional card, but I didn't include the dragon and tree symbols. I would be curious to know if there's anyone in the audience who is interested in Bulgaria or the Byzantine empire.


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Image description: A drawing representing the King of Wands of the Tarot. There are large letters of lavender and pink that read "King of Wands" on the upper right side. There is a king in the lower left corner wearing an elaborate crown and shirt, holding a scepter. The background is purple with a silver rectangle patterned with small blue and lavender symbols, resembling a tapestry.