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Peder Hagen, "Farie 171 of 1,370, Common Color Farie"

Peder Hagen, "Farie 171 of 1,370, Common Color Farie"

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Peder Hagen

Farie 171 of 1,370, Common Color Farie, 2020

pen on paper

5.5 x 8.5  inches


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This piece will ship after November 3, 2021, as it is included in Sunshine Sunset Fashionan exhibition currently on view at Interact Gallery.


Image description:  A gel pen drawing of a fantastic, winged figure standing in front of a river and mountain range. The female fairy has hot pink skin and orange hair that flows upwards. She has a gold and orange head piece, bronze wings, and her ears are large and pointed. The fairy's dress has geometric patterns in shades of gold and bronze. In the distance is a blue river, green shoreline, and purple mountains. White clouds fill the grey sky and a golden sun peeks out in the top right corner of the page.