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Peder Hagen and Alex Junge

Peder Hagen and Alex Junge

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Peder Hagen

Between Two Men!, 2021

mixed media on illustration board

16 x 20 inches


Peder Hagen made this piece as part of a collaboration between Interact artists and authors at Cow Tipping Press. Hagen's piece responds to Alex Junge's poem of the same name, and excerpts from Junge's text appear throughout the piece.

Image description: A large tree with lush green foliage and colorful butterflies flying around, and an owl looking out from underneath, stands next to a river colored in varying shades of blue, in which the poem is written. Above the river, all in black and white, is the facade of the Mall Of America, the Maplewood Mall, the Hexagon Bar, a large can of Hamm’s beer, a burger, a catfish suspended in the air, and a ski jumper in mid-flight. Above them is a large blue sky with large white, billowing clouds, a fiery orange sun with long yellow rays radiating downward and a multicolored checkered pattern from the upper and right-hand corners of the image.


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