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Nicole Noblet and Anna Marken

Nicole Noblet and Anna Marken

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Nicole Noblet

Ex-Letters, 2021

mixed media on paper

12 x 9 inches


Nicole Noblet made this piece as part of a collaboration between Interact artists and authors at Cow Tipping Press. Noblet's piece responds to Anna Marken's poem of the same name, and excerpts from Marken's text appear throughout the piece.

Image description: A collage of brightly colored paper shapes frame the poem, which is written in blue pen on white paper cutouts. The background is jade green, with some collaged paper elements showing through with a textural effect. A pattern of collaged camera prints over a colorful multi-patterned backdrop frame the very top of the picture, with two long shaded-red bars arranged like chopsticks at the bottom. The brightly colored shapes are rhomboid and triangular, in purple, pink, turquoise and navy hues. 


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