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Laurie M., "Kitty Corral" (T-shirt)

Laurie M., "Kitty Corral" (T-shirt)

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Laurie M.

Kitty Corral, 2021

graphite and acrylic on found t-shirt

size medium, 20 inches across chest, 26 inches long

This clothing item is one of a kind and to ensure its preservation we recommend spot cleaning only.


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This piece will ship after November 3, 2021, as it is included in Sunshine Sunset Fashionan exhibition currently on view at Interact Gallery.


Image description: A photo of a white t-shirt with original artwork done in graphite and acrylic paint depicting an extra terrestrial (in the style of the creature from Ridley Scott's 1979 film, Alien) gripping tan, striped cats with its hands and tail. There is a small green character balanced on the alien's head, a purple character in the center, and a brown character toward the bottom of the composition, all referencing fiber sculptures made by Laurie M.