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Laurie M. and Cathy Otto

Laurie M. and Cathy Otto

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Laurie M.

Trouble at Sumac, 2021

mixed media on paper

8.5 x 6 inches


Laurie M. made this piece as part of a collaboration between Interact artists and authors at Cow Tipping Press. Laurie's piece responds to Cathy Otto's poem of the same name, and excerpts from Otto's text appear throughout the piece.

Image description: Four women’s faces are seen behind long grey horizontal bars, on which lines of the poem are written, with their disembodied hands wrapped around the bars in different gestures. To the right are three minibuses arranged horizontally, with the last lines of the poem written over curved yellow lines between them. The women’s hands are rendered in different skin tone shades of collaged paper.

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