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Koko Dehn, "The Lovers"

Koko Dehn, "The Lovers"

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Koko Dehn

The Lovers,  2022

marker on paper

8.5 x 11 inches

This is a combined drawing between two different Tarot cards I have at home. There's two sea horses with their tales conjoined, and a heart with some people inside.This card is about love and relationships, trying to make them work. It's about compatibility with your partner. It's about all kinds of love, love between siblings, friends, and family. My advice about love is: try to listen to your loved ones, try to take your siblings' advice.


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Image description: A drawing representing The Lovers of the Tarot. On a white page, there is a dense group of color in the lower right corner. An orange sun and swatch of purple hover above a large blue heart outlined in red. Green and purple make up another heart on the left and a red patch grounds the composition.