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Koko Dehn and Violet

Koko Dehn and Violet

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Koko Dehn

Take a Look, 2021

mixed media on paper

11 x 14 and 8.5 x 11 inches


Koko Dehn made this diptych as part of a collaboration between Interact artists and authors at Cow Tipping Press. Dehn's piece responds to Violet's poem of the same name, and excerpts from Violet's text appear throughout the piece.

Image description: Two panels show a group of superhero figures along with a woman dressed in a purple and violet outfit beside a girl with a blue skirt and a red top, with words of a poem written in pen in different colors of marker all around them. Both panels feature a landscape with a body of water, and a blue sky with a large bright sun in the background, toward the top of the picture. In the left panel, in the bottom left corner, a person is seen lying in a coffin in the ground, with a mourning figure in a purple outfit overlooking them. In the right panel, the woman and daughter are embracing each other side by side, while a caped figure with a red "S" on their chest appears to be flying toward the horizon.


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