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HML, "Fantastic Shape"
HML, "Fantastic Shape"

HML, "Fantastic Shape"

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Fantastic Shape, 2021

mixed textiles and fiber fill

17 inches across chest, 28 inches long

This clothing item is one of a kind and to ensure its preservation we recommend spot cleaning only.


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This piece will ship after November 3, 2021, as it is included in Sunshine Sunset Fashionan exhibition currently on view at Interact Gallery.


Image description: Soft sculpture sewn to a repurposed grey t-shirt. The sculptural fabric elements are stuffed shapes that resemble anatomy of a human torso. Mint corduroy rectangles describe the clavicle and shoulders, red felt circles for lungs, and horizontal tubular shapes of pink and cream make up the ribcage. The sleeves are long and made of light brown felt that feature stuffed, mauve ovular shapes resembling bicep and  extensor arm muscles.