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Krystal Lewis's limited edition beach towels are here!

We are thrilled to release a limited edition of beach towels by Krystal Lewis, just in time for your pool days and picnics.

Krystal Lewis has practiced at Interact since 2017. Her drawings, paintings, and artist books explore the intersection of celebrity, fashion, and identity. Lewis's graphic drawings, rendered in flat swatches of color, often describe women with a keen sense of style. Gold earrings, high heels, and dramatic rouge adorn supermodels in a pool, lone figures striking a pose, girl groups from the early aughts at a photoshoot. "I would like people to see me as independent," Lewis says. The subjects in her work reflect a similar sense of self trust. Our gallery staff sat down with Lewis in May to talk towels, swimming, and celebrities.

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Can you tell us who the figure on the towel is? 

KL - Just a person. I imagined details on the person. The background is nice and fresh. I had to do the background first and created that kind of person.  

Is it a woman? 

KL -Yes, it’s a woman. She’s African American. African American people work hard everyday. They work hard, and I think they carry babies on their back and food and water on their heads. 

Is she wearing heels? 

KL - Yes. They’re comfortable. 

She is stylish. Are you interested in fashion? 

KL - Yes. 

You've drawn models and clothing samples in the past. And you always have great style yourself. How do you pick your clothes? 

KL - I like them not too baggy, not too tight, but just right. I like Ryan Destiny from the show Star. She always loves fashion. 

Would you say that your work is about celebrities, women, and fashion? 

KL - Yes. I would like people to know – to see me as independent. I would like to design my own clothes one day. 

Very cool. Have you sewn before? 

KL - Yes. 

What do you like to do in the summer? 

KL - I like Black History Month. And I like to swim in the summer. I like wading and some strokes. There’s an outdoor pool next to our apartment. It also has a whirlpool inside.