Janice Essick in Record, an exhibition by Burn Something Collective

Image credit: Zola Ellen, 2021


Interact is pleased to announce that Janice Essick is included in Record, an exhibition curated and organized by Burn Something Collective.

"Record is a public art exhibition featuring Twin Cities-based Black and POCI femme, nonbinary, and trans artists. It features work that contends with the themes of generational trauma and rage, the inherent creativity of resilience and survival, erasure and representation, asserting our human value over the value of property, and interpretation and documentation of unrest in Minnesota and the histories that birthed it.⁠" - Burn Something Collective



September 28 - late fall 2021

A public art installation located outdoors 

1010 East Lake Street

Minneapolis, MN 55407

Learn more at burnsomethingcollective.org.


Image description: A photograph by Zola Ellen of Record, a public art exhibition installed outside. Large banners printed with vibrant artworks are displayed on a chain link fence, the city behind them.