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Introducing Ian Dischinger


We're thrilled to share a new collection of work by Interact cast member Ian Dischinger for the first time this summer. In his own words, Dischinger makes drawings about "politics, scary people, movies, rock stars, rock and roll legends, and superheroes." With delicate lines and careful attention to detail, he explores the odd trappings of celebrity and pop culture.

Dischinger is interested in the ways that cultural icons, from Kamala Harris to The Rock, might help to build more empathetic and creative communities. He has developed a superhero alter ego, The Lover, whose superpower is doing mutual aid work. As The Lover, Dischinger distributes food to families and his community. "When this pandemic is done," he says, "I will hug everyone, and the only thing we can do is to love each other." 



As a part of his new collection, we're excited to release Dischinger's Bowie Tee, a small edition of shirts screenprinted in Minneapolis by Yarborough Printshop. Yarborough uses ethically sourced garments and water-based inks to produce high-quality, sustainable goods.

Of the shirt, Dischinger says, "People, let's be heroes, so let's fight for our dreams to live in this day. So, and, we all be normal for our lives, so yeah, and that's describe this shirt."



Dischinger has practiced at Interact since 2015. In that time, he has played some notable ensemble roles as a part of our theater company: the standout Romano in 2016's What Fools These Mortals Be (a character parody of Shakespeare's Romeo), and a Gargoyle in 2017's Feast of Fools. "When I was onstage," he says, "I closed my eyes and imagined me — the me that hit the stage — that he and I am not shy."

Dischinger is also a musician, contributing percussion and vocals for the Twin Cities band, The Positones. He met Gene Simmons of the legendary Kiss in 2019, and he hopes to meet Alice Cooper one day. His two chihuahuas, Gus and Billy, are named after Angus Young from ACDC and Billy Idol, respectively.

When asked if there's anything that he'd like people to know about his work, Dischinger has said, "I feel of an artist is, I am proud to myself, and also, I feel open because art is a gift."

You can find more of Ian's work, as well as the Bowie Tee, in his collection.



Image descriptions: (1) A graphic containing seven figures from Ian Dischinger's drawings. From top left to bottom right, they are: Alice Cooper, Gene Simmons, Alice Cooper (again), Bernie Sanders, David Bowie, Vice President Kamala Harris, and a red hand making the "rock and roll" hand sign. (2) A graphic featuring a photograph of Dischinger's Bowie Tee. The tee is black, and Dischinger's drawing of David Bowie is printed in white ink. Ian's colorful drawing of Bowie is collaged behind the tee. In the drawing, Bowie has a pink fcce. Red and blue face paint in the shape of a lightening bolt spans the length of his face, from chin to forehead. His eyes are large and circular, and he stares straight ahead. (3) A photo of Dischinger standing at the edge of a woods on a clear day. He wears a leather jacket and makes a "rock and roll" sign with each of his hands.