HML at Jennifer Lauren Gallery

Artist HML stands with a bundle of long, thick strands of found fibers. They spill over her arms to the ground.


We are thrilled to share that Interact artist HML is included in the first ever online exhibition at Jennifer Lauren Gallery, Art | Unlocked | Unearthed. Together with artist and adult survivor Terence Wilde and curator Lisa Slominski of Slominski Projects, Jennifer Lauren Gallery has selected the work of 30 international artists from 194 submissions after a two-week open call. You can view the exhibition at Jennifer Lauren Gallery. 

HML is a multimedia artist with a background as a seamstress. She has called Interact her studio since 2016. Muscle Suit, a wearable fiber sculpture, was selected for Art / Unlocked / Unearthed. HML created Muscle Suit for Interact cast members to wear in Here. Them. Now., a forthcoming performance about the intersection of disability, gender identity, and sexuality. You can view more of HML's work here.


This portrait of the artist was taken by Xavier Tavera in 2019.