Cordially Invited: Interact at Make Studio


Interact is pleased to announce that Carl Clark, Vance Diamond, Michael Engebretson, Ashlea Karkula, Andie Kiley, and John Riddle will present work in Cordially Invited IV, an annual invitational exhibition at Make Studio in Baltimore, Maryland. Cordially Invited celebrates the exciting work produced by artists practicing at progressive art studios across the United States.


Cordially Invited IV

October 1 - October 30, 2021

Make Studio 

Schwing Art Center, 3326 Keswick Road, Baltimore, MD 21211

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Image: Vance Diamond, Untitled, pastel and mixed media on red paper, 25.5 x 19 inches 

Image description: A pastel drawing on red paper by Vance Diamond. Jagged lines drawn in red, fuchsia, baby blue, avocado green, and tangerine cross the composition from the top left corner to the bottom right. Beneath the row of lines is a hazy field of mixed colors. Above the lines is a loosely shaded field of light blue.