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Artist Matt Zimdars in residence at Interact Gallery


Interact is pleased to announce that artist Matt Zimdars will take over Interact Gallery from January 8 – February 15 as part of its ongoing artist-in-residence program. Zimdars uses his practice – which includes collage, drawing, and bookmaking – to catalogue his visual interests and aspirations, from severe weather to future dream homes to, more recently, nostrils. Zimdars’s Nostrilogy series puts noses of all shapes and sizes in the limelight, using his collage and nontraditional bookmaking processes to explore his favorite body part. Paging through fashion magazines, clothing catalogues, and photographs submitted by friends or that he takes himself, Zimdars cuts and tapes and glues. His assemblages of words and images are instinctive and precise, each one an amused portrayal of its subject. 

"Matt maintains an archive of thousands of digital photographs," writes Studio Facilitator Presley Martin. "Each day in the studio, he searches through his photographs to find ones that he wants to work with. He prints them out and sets to work incorporating them into his collage, book, and other work."

Zimdars will use the gallery as his studio space, working with the gallery team to install his extensive archive of severe weather drawings and experiment with new work. His residency is the fourth installment of Interact’s experimental residency program, which began in May 2022. Without a specific end goal, the residency is an open opportunity for Interact artists to take risks and leverage the space for new ideas. 

The gallery will be open to the public by appointment during Zimdars’s residency. While there is no formal exhibition on view, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about his practice and check out works in progress (and a particularly great series of nostril books). 


Open to the public by appointment 

Mondays and Tuesdays, January 8 – February 15, 2024

10 a.m. - 2 p.m. 

To make an appointment, visit


Getting here

Interact Gallery | 755 Prior Avenue North, Suite 002D (lower level), Saint Paul, MN 55104

Find parking and accessibility details on our Visit page.



Image descriptions: (1) A photo of Zimdars in the Interact studio shows him sifting through collage materials and gazing to the left. Various notebooks, magazines, and books are filed in a wooden organizer in front of him. He also has a water bottle, camera, and phone at his space. (2) Matt Zimdars's collage, titled Nostrils Flare Large, features the various foreheads and nostrils of people with long hair. Green, yellow, and blue painter's tape is used throughout. Near the bottom, Zimdars's handwriting reads, "Film long flared nostrils."