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Lucy Picasso on painting


Lucy Picasso is one of 66 Interact artists sharing work in this year's Great Big Holiday Sale. Her pop culture portraits reimagine famous works of art, celebrities, and historical figures. Referencing found images from books, friends, and the internet, Picasso’s recent work includes a series of paintings based on horror films from the 1970s and 80s, an alluring portrait of Elizabeth Taylor, and a ceramic cowperson. As most of her work translates photographic images into paintings, Picasso engages with long-held traditions in portraiture.

Lucy started painting when she joined Interact in 2008. In a recent conversation with Gallery Director Brittany Kieler, Lucy describes how it feels to find success in her creative practice.


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Video transcription:

BK: How does it feel when you're painting now?

LP: I feel relieved and I feel accomplished. I feel really happy that people are liking my paintings and saying, ‘Oh, Lucy, that’s a really beautiful painting, I want to buy it,’ you know. It makes me really proud and happy.