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"Dry, Dry, Dry:" A song for wet paint by Andie Kiley


Andie Kiley is one of 66 Interact artists presenting work in this year's Great Big Holiday Sale. She joined Interact in 2000, making her one of the earliest members of our studio. Initially a performing artist, Andie transitioned to our Visual Arts department so that she could work at her own rhythm. Her visual arts practice continues to reflect her love of music and interest in movement.

In her own words, when approaching the creative process, she says, “It is better to let yourself go free. When I draw, I follow wherever my hand takes me, and I’m very relaxed when I work. I take things as they come and try not to be forceful, and if I don’t feel it, I’m not going to try to do it. Although art is relaxing, accidents and surprises along the way can be very exciting. Sometimes I do things that I didn’t think I was capable of doing.”

Andie's watercolor paintings require tons of patience: she waits for each color to dry before adding more. While she waits, she sings a song. In this clip from a recent conversation between Andie and Gallery Director Brittany Kieler, Andie performs "Dry, Dry, Dry" to the melody of The Beatles' "All You Need is Love."


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