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Virginia Townsend and Joseph Allen

Virginia Townsend and Joseph Allen

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Virginia Townsend

Slavery, 2021

archival inkjet / giclée print

8.5 x 6 inches

Virginia Townsend made this piece as part of a collaboration between Interact artists and authors at Cow Tipping Press. Townsend's piece responds to Joseph Allen's poem of the same name, and excerpts from Allen's text appear throughout the piece.

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Image description: A woman with medium-dark skin tone is seated on the left and clad in an old-fashioned dress, while a girl with medium-dark skin tone and a pink dress is reaching for a book on a shelf in the brightly colored classroom setting on the right side of the image. The seated woman is rendered in desaturated grayscale tone. A bookshelf that comprises the center of the image is filled with text on the left side and on the right side are brightly colored books and teaching objects that include a globe and a red dinosaur figure, and a diorama of the solar system sitting on top. On the classroom floor are light and dark pink squares in a blue plain, with words of the poem written in the squares. A poster on the aqua green wall above the girl says “Be Genuine,” in green text on a purple plane.

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