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Bart, Spider Ornament (select one)

Bart, Spider Ornament (select one)

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Spider Ornament, 2022

hand beading

"Charlotte" Spiders (top row)

Casper (top left - purple/green - glows in the dark!)

Hilde (top center left - purple/yellow)

Jazzy (top center right - purple/orange - studded)

Peony (top right - pink/black)

approximately 4 x 3 inches each

"Huntsman" Spiders (bottom row)

Smoky (bottom left - bronze/green)

Galexia (bottom right - red/black - star beads)

approximately 4 x 5 inches each

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Image description: This is a photo of six beaded spider ornaments. The top row has four medium size "Charlotte" spiders that are different combinations of purple, green, yellow, orange, and pink beads. The bottom row has two larger "Huntsman" spiders that are green, gold, red, and black.