Jill Reedy, Felt Gnome Ornament (select one)

Jill Reedy, Felt Gnome Ornament (select one)

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Jill Reedy

Felt Gnome Ornament, 2022


approximately 1.5 x 3 inches each

Clockwise from top left corner:

Fabio, Jules, Clover, Ski-um-mah, Nickleplenty, Forestopolis, Whistledust, Pippi, Olie, Nigim, Dagmar, Grentina, Gunther, Fentwick, Skolvid, Gnorbitt, Fizzlekind, Herble, Gigget, Ivan, Ozzie, Zook, Krankle, Bixie, Drektin


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Image description: A photo of 25 felt gnome ornaments of various colors hung on string with handwritten name tags. The gnomes have curly beards or braided pigtails and wear pointed hats with a pom pom on top.